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Hosting technology

We use only the very best technologies. For you, that means blazing fast, ultra-reliable hosting with next-level support.



We operate our own in-house network and only use direct, high-availability / low-latency connections to major Tier 1 providers and peering exchanges. This guarantees your content is delivered to your visitors at blazing speed.

  • Multiple Juniper routers connected to our redundant, multi-homed network core.
  • Upstream connections to GTT, Voxility, Link11, LINX.
  • 150Gbit uplink network capacity.
  • Direct peering with over 700 networks.

DDoS protection

DDoS attacks are on the rise and pose a constant threat to both business and ‘hobby’ websites. Our in-house network employs both on-premise and upstream DDoS mitigation. This ensures your sites and our wider network can weather any attack without disruption.

  • Upstream filtering provided via direct interconnects with Voxility and Link11.
  • 100Gbit of local scrubbing capacity via on-premise Corero equipment.
  • Ability to automatically redirect all inbound traffic via Voxility and/or Link11 to redirect malicious traffic away from local scrubbing.

Data centres

We operate our own racks and suites within some of the world’s finest datacentres. Every facility we use is carefully scrutinised and selected to provide an optimal blend of fault-tolerant power and cooling capability, high physical security for data protection and the use of renewably-sourced energy and environmental consciousness. All facilities in which we house our operations also meet rigorous third-party certification standards, with all sites providing ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 compliance.

  • Netwise House

    Providing an exceptional-quality colocation facility close to central London, we maintain our own secure caged area within the Netwise facility for extra security of clients’ data.

  • Telehouse North

    The heart of the UK’s Internet connectivity. Housing our primary UK network point of presence here gives us unrivalled access to low-latency interconnections to UK and international networks.

  • Redcentric London

    Built for exceptional resilience, Redcentric London is our primary backup site, used to house offsite backups of customer data to ensure protection even in the event of disaster.

  • Iron Mountain

    With decades of experience in high-security business services and a rapidly growing footprint of facilities around the world, Iron Mountain is an ideal partner to house our US-based services.


Software built for speed

We’ve designed our software stack from the ground-up for maximum performance, so your website visitors never have to wait for pages to load. We use LiteSpeed Web Server paired with its native LiteSpeed Cache in-memory full-page caching. This, coupled with full account-resource isolation, ensures your service can always call upon the resources it needs.

  • LiteSpeed Web Server with LiteSpeed Cache enabled - supporting the very latest performance web protocols such as QUIC, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3.
  • PHP OPcache enabled by default.
  • The latest PHP performance enhancements are always available.
  • User accounts are fully segregated for maximum security isolation and to ensure your assigned resources are always available.

Malware protection

Our servers include a multitude of protective solutions for free to ensure the utmost security to all of our users. This includes systems that automatically scan and detect any issues and notify you immediately. We also advise you of available security updates for your web applications completely free of charge.

  • Redundant hardware firewall appliances scan all traffic to and from our shared services with integrated Intrusion Prevention filtering to block zero-day threats.
  • A comprehensive Web Application Firewall using mod_security and extensive rulesets is updated daily to mitigate common attack vectors against major content management systems.
  • All content uploads are scanned in real time to block known virus and malware threats.
  • Weekly scanning of all user-stored content with comprehensive reporting to identify infected/compromised content and provide actionable feedback to users.

Cloud platform

Under development for several years, we’ve developed our own custom Katapult cloud platform – designed from the ground up to provide the very best performance, flexibility and scalability for cloud applications.

  • Live migration of client workloads between hardware, enabling us to carry out maintenance without disruption to maximise availability.
  • Flexible resource assignment allows us to leverage our underlying hardware for maximum efficiency to deliver top performance for your content.

Live Stats

Transparent and honest support

Our award-winning in-house support is ready to assist.



(last 7 days)

  • 8 hours average resolution time
  • 62% solved in 1 response



(last 7 days)

  • 5 minutes average call duration time
  • 30 seconds hold time target


Live Chats

(last 7 days)

  • 7 minutes average wait time
  • 20 days average resolution time

We pride ourselves on offering a hosting support service like no other; polite, knowledgeable, fast and always ready to help.